Think About the Environment – The Reluctant Reader

A reluctant reader often would rather do anything besides read. Play with toys. Go for a walk. Run outside. Talk to someone.

In order to get over those desires we must provide a quiet environment. An environment where everyone reads as we talked about in our first article is one of the most powerful changes we can make in order to encourage our children to read.

We also need to provide them a comfortable environment, a place to sit, books within easy reach, or perhaps a favorite stuffed animal and blanket (noticed I said a not all of them). We must minimize distractions.

Think about limiting screen time throughout the day. Encourage active playtime when it isn’t reading time. Allow them to play and create.

Interact with them during their playtime, not just when it is time to read. Invite them to join you in your favorite activities. And then join them during reading time.

Encourage reading things in the environment that aren’t books. Perhaps they have a favorite type of toy. Find a catalog that contains it and let them pour over it. Read signs when you are out. Read food recipes when cooking. Read instructions on how to put together that new bookshelf that came in a box. Just read what is in the environment.


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