Letter Knowledge – Pre Reading Skill 4

In order to read we have to know and recognize letters. Playing with letters from the youngest age is so important for reading development. There are so many letter objects available like foam letters, blocks, or magnets. Have letters around. Call the letters by name. Use the name and the sound the letter makes as part of every day life.

Read alphabet books. I love having a set of books with one book for each letter. But there are also great books that have a page for each letter.

Make letters. Use a magnet board, wiki stix, or play dough to make letter shapes. Write letters in shaving cream sprayed on the table or in sand poured in a baking sheet with a lip.

Find letters in magazines or catalogs. I am sure you get magazines, catalogs or other adds that you just throw away. Sit down with a pair of scissors and your child and search for letters. Cut them out and glue them in their own alphabet book with pictures of objects that start with each letter.

When you are out to stores, encourage them to find letters in the store. My two year old can do this with letters and numbers and it is always fun to hear him find the letters and watch as everyone around realizes what he is doing and smiles at how cute and wonderful it is that he recognizes these things.

Use cookie cutters in the shape of letters to cut out sandwiches at lunch, or cookies, or biscuits. I bet your child will even begin to request a favorite letter.

Play matching games with upper case and lower case letters. You can do this in a variety of ways.

  1. Put upper case letters around the edge of a plate and put lower case letters on clothes pins. Have your child clip the clothes pin onto the corresponding letter on the plate.
  2. Get Easter eggs, the plastic type that break into two pieces. Put an upper case letter on one half and a lower case on the other. Let your child put them together.
  3. Use your magnets that you have had on the fridge and have your child match them.

And through it all remind your child what sound the letter makes. When they hold up in A and say A reply with “Yes that is an A and it says /A/.

Read entire series here.


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