When Are You Going to Stop…

It is that time. It comes in the life of every mother and for me it is this month.

My baby turns one in two weeks.

And so the questions begin.

When are you going to stop?

Are you going to cut her off soon?

Isn’t she getting too old for that?

Yes I am a nursing mom.

Yes my baby is about one.

No I don’t plan to nurse her until she leaves for college.

And honestly I don’t know when I will stop.

Here is what I know.

I believe nursing is a good choice, not the only choice but a good choice (I believe we should be thankful that there is the option of formula that keeps baby’s from starving as well!).

I find nursing to be a wonderful time of bonding.

My body produces milk without a problem (my pediatrician called me the Dairy Queen when my first baby went from the 10% to the 90% in weight in his first month of life).

My baby is comforted by and enjoys nursing.

It is convenient to be able to nurse.

With my first I wanted to wean at about a year because my school year was going to start again and I had decided I wasn’t going to continue with my pumping routine after he turned a year. I had intended to nurse him in the evenings but then I was pregnant, my supply dropped, and it became painful for me and frustrating for him. I was a little sad when I couldn’t nurse him anymore.

I also know we are moving in a few months. She struggles in new environments. I want the comfort of nursing to be available to her during that transition.

So I don’t know when I am going to stop nursing her.

I have always believed that I would know when the time was right.

I knew when it was time with my son.

At some point it will be right with her too.

But right now is not the time.

But I promise by the time she leaves for college she will be weaned 🙂


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