Print Motivation – Pre Reading Skill 2

Print motivation is something that can be easily put into everyday by simply following the American Academy of Pediatricians recommendation on reading.  Read everyday!  Curl up with your child on your lap and read.

Read lots of different books.

Read in the morning.

Read at night.

Read! Read! Read!

Go to the library!  Check out books!  Go to story times.

Go to bookstores.

Give books as gifts.

Have grandparents and other loved ones who might be far away read over facetime or perhaps record them reading a book you have so the grandparent can “read” to the child from afar.  I know one grandparent who sent a book a month with an audio file of her reading.

Have a special bookshelf easy for your child to use and reading chair just your child’s size.  Regularly change the books in the bookshelf (while keeping some favorite always available). This is easy to do with regular trips to the library.

Model reading. Sit in the evening and read a magazine. Read your favorite novel. Read content relating to your field of work. Just read! Children at a young age will follow your example. Give them the example of being a reader.

Have family reading time. In my family growing up we had a family daily reading time. We would often get a cup of hot chocolate or some other treat and sit as a family while Mom read to us for 15 – 20 minutes. I think each of us have fond memories of those times and each of us love to read as adults.

Allow your child to express him or herself as readers. Each person has different interests. Let your child read about things that interest them. BUT always provide books that are outside their interests to help expand their knowledge and their vocabulary.

But whatever you do read and make reading a special and integral part of your family.

See entire series here.


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