It’s Not About the Gap

In college I spent a week in England over spring break. One thing we loved as we were riding the subway were the signs reminding us to “mind the gap” or to be careful of the space between the train and the platform.

Since beginning my journey to heal my diastasis recti, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my gap. When I began Mutu, I remember thinking that healing the gap would solve all my postpartum body problems. When Wendy, the creator of Mutu, talked about it not being about the gap but about function, I heard “Don’t mind the gap”. It didn’t make sense to me at all.  The gap was the problem, I heal the gap and then I am all better.

Well I healed the gap and I wasn’t all better and then things began to make more sense to me. Because I began to pay attention to other things that Wendy talked about and members discussed on the facebook page (a page worth the price of the program on its own!).

I realized that post baby, I was tucking my butt underneath me.  This was thrusting my tummy way forward and making it look as though I had lost my butt. When I worked on correcting this, my stomach looked smaller and I had to really work. I learned this is because my body alignment was thrown off by my pregnant belly and the muscles I used to use to stand, I had stopped using so they got weaker while other muscles strengthened.

I realized that I was rotating my knees inward and that was causing my knee and hip pain.

I realized I was hunching and rolling my shoulders, a common posture problem in the postpartum woman.

And I am confident that as I continue to “not mind the gap” but focus on function and alignment, my body will continue to heal.

So really it is about function (isn’t that what we want a body that works?) not about the gap. That is why belly binding isn’t enough!

So if you have diastasis recti, don’t mind the gap!  If you are ready to focus on full function find a restorative exercise program designed for postpartum women.


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