Keeping Memories

I love pictures.  I love looking at them.  I love taking them.  I love sharing them.

I used to scrapbook.  Then I had kids.

I got pregnant with my first 4 months after I got married.  I hadn’t even started on a wedding scrapbook.

I was so sad, not knowing when I would be able to have time and energy to scrapbook so I could have a wedding scrapbook.

Then I was introduced to Shutterfly.

I could easily start a project, work for a few minutes, and save to come back to later.  This allowed me to feel like I was scrapbooking (there are lots of great design features) without having a table of all my supplies set up (can we say mess with young children). In addition, I could stop at any time with the click of the save button rather than having to do several things to be able to leave my project alone.

As my son turned one, I began to realize there were many family members, including grandparents, that he had never met and would not meet for a few years likely (we have family that lives in other countries that we don’t see often). Making a picture book of our entire family has been a great way for my children to know their family whom they do not see.

I also LOVE using Shutterfly to make books with my son. I have talked about the importance of alphabet books in early reading. Making one with my son is a great rainy day project and makes a much loved book.

It is also really fun to make a story book of a family vacation or make a special book for a holiday.

Whatever type of book you might make, Shutterfly is a great place to go for a great book or other photo memory that is high quality and affordable!


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