Say NO to Belly Binding Part 2

In my first post about belly binding I talked mainly about my personal preferences and a little that I had read about belly binding.

Here are 3 reasons belly binding may not be a good choice.

1. Belly Binding increases internal pressure.  That pressure must go somewhere and usually it goes down to your pelvic floor.  When I was researching what program I wanted to use, I talked with a healthcare professional friend who had done some graduate research with a leading woman’s health physical therapist.  She told me that use of belly binding at home, without medical oversight often led to greater problems (including uterine prolapse) with pelvic floor function that then had to be addressed with medical intervention and physical therapy.

Some physical therapists use binding as part of therapy but they are focusing on how to use it properly and it is usually only used for extreme cases where a DR is large and not responding to more ordinary interventions (like specialized exercises).

2. Belly Binding does not help address body alignment and muscle weakness or help you reconnect with strained muscles.  Belly binding may, for some people, help shrink their belly.  However, it often ignores the strengthening of the muscles as well as the importance of realigning the body.

Pregnancy has likely changed the way you stand and hold yourself.  As a result the muscles not just of your core and pelvic floor but in your shoulders, arms, legs, and buttocks are likely functioning differently.

A complete program addresses those changes and help you relearn how to properly carry yourself for optimal body function.

3. Belly Binding does not bring about long term change.  Many women report their diastasis recti opening up after going without binding for several days.  This is due to the fact that the foundational issues causing DR have not been addressed (muscle, alignment, body function).

Mutu addresses muscles, alignment, and body function.  In fact I have learned more about my body function and healing it from following the program and reading articles / watching videos on the members only facebook page than I have from years of exercising and following various exercise program. Mutu provides a complete view of postpartum restoration not a focus on one area.  There are other programs like Mutu but I know and love Mutu! Please research the potential pitfalls of belly binding before choosing to bind!


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