Talking to Your Muscles

My mother in law recently had a stroke.  It has impacted her ability to properly move her left side.  As part of her physical therapy she is learning how to talk to her muscles.  The brain has to be retaught how to control those muscles.  They are doing a variety of things to accomplish this.  Different exercises and sometimes even visualization.

All this reminded me of my experience with Mutu.  Wendy says that our mind is not communicating with our core and pelvic floor muscles and we need to reconnect with them.  We need to reteach our body how to control and use these muscles.  The entire program helps us relearn how to use and connect with those muscles while restrengthening them and restoring our bodies alignment.

There have been so many times where I have rediscovered different muscles and how I am not using them at all or using them in a less than optimal way.  Each discovery makes me feel more in control, stronger, and my posture improved.

With a stroke the brain has experienced a great trauma.  With pregnancy and childbirth the core and pelvic floor has experienced trauma.  It makes sense to me that if a stroke patient needs to relearn how to communicate with these muscles a person who experienced childbirth will too.

Now if only doctors would recognize and communicate this need with all women!  If you have had a baby have you had to do anything to relearn how to communicate and use your muscles?


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