Postpartum Recovery

After giving birth there is so much to recover from.  There is the exhaustion of labor.  There is the need for food and rest.  There are physical hurts that need time to heal.  But there is also the need to recover from the wear and tear on the body from 9 months of stretching and carrying around extra weight.

After my first baby, I recovered pretty well I thought.  I returned to my normal activities.  I went back to exercising without a ton of problems.  I was able to be normal pretty quickly I felt.

After my second, I recovered from the actual delivery pretty quickly.  The doctor I had the second time was good and there wasn’t much to recover from, honestly (quite wonderful!… if you need a doc in the Indianapolis area, I’d be happy to recommend one!).

However, as the next several weeks went by I continued to feel week.  I felt as though there was nothing supporting my body and holding it up.  Even standing was difficult.  I slumped and slouched and struggled through life.

And that is when I began to learn about restorative exercise.  The need to restore my muscles.  It was a new thought.  I had always worked out with programs that forced me to work harder and longer and faster and the goal was to work out to the point of exhaustion to get stronger.  The idea of restoring my body through focused movements (that might not be easy but would target what needed to be targeted) seemed very appealing.

The first core workout I did with Mutu, I was hooked.  I felt muscles deep within me being used.  Muscles that I never seemed to work with kegals and other exercises.

Within two weeks I felt stronger.  I was able to stand up.  I was able to hold my baby to nurse easily.

Each week that goes by I continue to get stronger and I see my pre-baby body returning.

I am so thankful for the body confidence, strength, and function I have regained through Mutu.  I am also thankful to know that my next pregnancy I have a program like this I can do throughout to help keep my body functioning optimally (and who knows perhaps my delivery will be even easier next time!).


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