Meal Prep on Saturdays

When I was a working Mom I spent two hours every Saturday in the kitchen.  I usually did all my grocery shopping (from my master list) on Friday night.  Then Saturday I propped my computer on a counter, turned a movie on, and got to work.

Each week I did several things:

1. Cut all meat into proper sizes (cubes, strips etc) and portion into zip lock bags for the week.

2. Make any marinades that a meal might need and pour into proper bag.

3. Cut fruit and veggies and put in containers for the week.

4. Make Humus.

5. Make muffins and bread (for breakfasts).

6. Hard boil eggs (for breakfasts).

Each day we had breakfast that was easy to grab and eat, we had leftovers as well as fruit and veggies for lunches, and dinner I could grab a zip lock bag out in the morning put it in the crock pot to cook all day or the fridge to thaw, throw in a few more ingredients and have an easy dinner.

My Saturday prep was key to health food for the week!

What do you do to make sure you have food each day?


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