Mrs. M is Having a Baby

We got married in July of 2011.  That year I was teaching first grade (my favorite grade to teach because I LOVE teaching children how to read!).

My students were obsessed with me having a baby.  Many of them couldn’t understand why I had gotten married BEFORE I had children.  As they told me everyone has kids before they get married so the kids can be in the wedding.  I tried to gently explain that some people choose to be married before having kids and that is what we had done.

My having a baby came up pretty regularly.

However, nothing prepared me for a morning in late November right before Thanksgiving.  We were in the middle of quiet writing time when all of a sudden one of my students stood up and yelled, “Mrs M is having a baby”.  Now we had NO plans to have a baby for a few years.  So I laughed and asked where he got that idea.  He remained firm and said, “I think you are having a baby”.

A few days later the male teacher on our team in a team meeting asked which of us was having a baby because he was having cravings.  When he had cravings it meant he was spending time with a pregnant woman.  So one of us had to be!

We all quickly denied it but he insisted that soon one of us would announce a pregnancy.

Then it was Thanksgiving.  My mom always makes fudge for Thanksgiving.  So after we ate our huge feast the fudge came out.  I took a piece, bit into it, and almost spit it out.  It was GROSS.  I was sure Mom must have done something wrong but everyone else seemed to be enjoying it.  So I swallowed what was in my mouth and chose not to have anymore.

A week later when Aunt Flo was over a week late for her visit and I was beginning to not feel well, I bought a pregnancy test.  The double lines showed up immediately.  I was pregnant and my student was right, Mrs. M was having a baby!

Did anyone predict your pregnancy before you knew it?


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