How to Save Money Online

Last time I wrote about saving money I talked about cutting cell phone bills down.  We now pay less than $30 per month total for two phones and we haven’t looked back!

The next thing I discovered in my money saving journey was a way to save money on all online shopping.

My first discovery was discount shopping cards.  Now I use these cards in store and online ALL the time.  When they have grocery store cards I buy them to save on groceries.  But often savings on those cards are less than 5%.

However for clothing stores and specialty kitchen stores I often save over 15% and sometimes as much as 30%.

I also love using Ebates.  Ebates gives me rebates on online purchases.  Sometimes this amount is about half as much as I pay in taxes but sometimes it is 15% or more.  But just for clicking that savings is good for me.

This is how it worked out for me on a recent online shopping experience.

I start at Ebates and choose as the place I am going to shop. I find a coat for myself and for my husband and add it to the cart.  I add the coupon code (that was shown to me on the ebates site) and get 25% off my order.

Now I have an order total of $100.  But I am still going to save another 15%.

So I go to and find a $100 egift card.  It is important that you buy the egift card because this will be emailed to you within 24 hours (I usually get it within an hour). I spend $85 on the egift card and use that to complete my order.

Then I get an additional $6 back from ebates.

So on that order I bought 2 coats for $79 after coupon codes,, and ebates.


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