How to Get Your Husband Ready to Go to the Airport

My mother in law is having some health issues.  Yesterday afternoon it became apparent he needed to fly down to see her.  So he got a week off work to go and I got to work.

First step was finding a ticket.  I looked around and found the best deal at Southwest.  With a few more clicks I had a plane ticket for him to leave at 11:10 this morning.  Pretty amazing, I must say!

But then the fun began in earnest.

Wash clothes (because of course today is laundry day which means he didn’t have enough of the right clothes to pack to leave this morning).  So I had a late laundry night.

He of course must go to the store to buy a turntable (something his mom has been wanting to listen to some old records and he just happened to see a great deal on one).

Search for random items he needs to have a successful plane ride.

Fall into bed.

Wake up early this morning.

Find the right suitcase.

Leave him packing.

Make breakfast for everyone.

Get kids up.

Feed kids.

Dress kids.

Go see how packing is coming.

Find 5 more random things he needs.

Make sure he has cash.

Make sure he has his wallet (almost walked out the door without that).

Realize he doesn’t have his cell phone.

Look for cell phone.

Can’t find it.

Realize he is going to be late so I give him my cell phone sure it will turn up here.

Get kids in the car.

Get him in the car with his luggage and breakfast.

Drive to the airport.

Give him a kiss and leave him at the curb (after checking to make sure he has his boarding pass, cell phone, wallet, and luggage).

Come home to an empty house realizing I am not going to see him for a week.  Also I am tired!  Early bedtime tonight?

And his cell phone still hasn’t shown up.  I wonder if he packed it and forgot and he has both cell phones.  Hmmm would that ever happen?


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