When Your Workout Kicks Your Butt

I am going through the Mutu 12 week system for the second time.  There were lots of reasons I decided to start from the beginning again.

1. I was sick, like really sick getting blood work done type sick, so I took a break while we figured out what was going on (nothing major thankfully just out of control postpartum hormones).

2. Then we sold our house and had to move in three weeks.

3. Then it was the holidays.

And all of a sudden I hadn’t done a proper workout in months.

This second time through I have noticed such a difference.

I am able to go deeper into the moves.

I am able to use heavier weights.

I have better form that allows me to really use my muscles.

I feel stronger.

And then I did Intensive 3 today.  Oh boy am I feeling it.  And I am feeling it in a good way.  It worked my core muscles.  It worked my arm muscles.  It worked muscles all through my shoulders.

I was exhausted afterwards.  The good exhausted where you know you had a great workout.  Where you know you are going to get stronger.  It was a great workout!  And it reminded me again why I love Mutu.  Because it progresses.  It increases intensity.  It adds and builds on moves.  It continually makes me stronger.  I have lost inches.  I have lost weight.  I have found my inner mojo.  And I am on the way to my prebaby body!  Won’t you join me!


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