Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

One of my favorite thing about my two year old is how he loves to imitate what we do.

Like the day Uncle Isaac picked up his computer bag to head out the door to work and my two year old picked up his shape sorter and followed him to the door saying “Go to work with Uncle Isaac”.  He didn’t even forget he needed to carry something to go to work.

Or how he picks up phrases that different people say like “Oh snap” or “see you later alligator”.  My family thinks it is fun to try to get him to say things like “I like beer” or “Rebekah drinks gin water”.  Really I don’t want my two year old talking about adult beverages!

Then of course he knows how each of us cooks.  Last night he had gotten my vitamix blender off the shelf and was pretending to blend tomatoes and bread into chili (his favorite food) – and oh am I thankful that that blender is not glass!

But my favorite thing is when I hear him mimic me with, “I love you E”, “I love you daddy”, “Give kisses”.  It is so sweet!

How does your child imitate you?


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