How to Teach Your Child to Read

Last time we talked about the process of learning to read.  Today I will introduce some programs that I find helpful

I would encourage you to work on the first 100 sight words on the Dolch word list at least.  Knowing these common words that often can’t be decoded (sounded out) is very helpful for emerging readers.

For phonics instruction, I would encourage you to think about one of two programs.

1. A basic program that will help you understand the process really well and provide good support to your child is “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons“.  This book gives you a daily lesson for 100 weeks.  It is a great overview of the process and if you follow the program your child will likely learn to read.  I do find the program to be boring.  If you choose to use this program I would suggest supplementing with some colorful decodable books to help increase interest.

2. Hooked on Phonics is a great full curriculum.  It is a progressive phonics program that includes listening, reading, and writing.  There are DVDs and workbooks to increase complete literacy.  This is a great complete program to teach reading.

After we have a basic program providing your child with lots of reading material on their level is very important.  Some great resources for phonetic based readers are as follows:

1. Bob books – there are several sets of these books at various levels.  Each are phonetic based readers that would be perfect for your home.

2. Scholastic Readers – these are great readers that take you from kindergarten through first grade reading levels.

3. Popular story character readers: Biscuit, Fancy Nancy, Disney Princess, Cars, Bernstein Bears and many more.

Following a program and providing lots of on level reading material is key to ensuring your child can read.

And most importantly as you are teaching reading, remember reading should be fun!  Right now reading is a ton of work for your child.  It is hard and stressful!  So remind them how fun it is by reading to them everyday!  That reading aloud may be the key to your child loving reading and truly desiring to read (and isn’t it a lot easier to do something when you actually want to?!?).


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