Read Aloud to Your Child – Week 1

As a teacher I have a passion for reading.  I fully believe that standardized teaching and the pressure it puts on students often takes away the joy of reading and turns it into a task where they have to just get the right answer.

I believe one of the answers to this problem is reading aloud books.  Reading them aloud just for fun.  Not for a retell.  Not to answer a set of questions but just to laugh and enjoy.

As a child I had lots of favorites, but one we read over and over, many times a week was “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash“.  This book was just one ridiculous problem that led to another that ended leaving you wondering if this had really happened or was just a little boy’s imagination.

This book encouraged our imagination and without anyone teaching us encouraged us to think about how to tell a story and recognize that stories had an order.


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