What I need for Mutu Workouts

Several of my friends as they have started have asked what they need to do these workouts.  Here is a list of the items you will need.  If you can’t afford it all start with the resistance band and loops and dumbbells.  If I am going somewhere that is what I take and I can make it work!

Resistance band and loop (I like the multi-packs because they allow me to have varying strengths.  You will also need more than one loop starting at intensive level 3)

Dumbbells (I started with 3 pounds and have worked up)

Bolster or large weight (I have been using the large weight because that is what we had).  I know some people put books in a duffle bag or backpack to get a bolster type shape.

Exercise ball (don’t need until intensive level 3)

Medicine Ball


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