The Hellos and Goodbyes of Parenting

I just finished reading this.  I am crying

I have said goodbye to my baby, goodbye to nursing, and goodbye to my toddler once.  I have a little boy.  I love my little boy but each of those milestones has been hard.  And laying beyond them I know are goodbyes of school.  The goodbyes of leaving for college.  And that sad goodbye of not being his favorite woman, his mommy.

I know these days are to come.  I long to be able to protect him  To send him to a school without bullies, with wonderful teachers who love their job (I have been a teacher long enough to know those teachers but also to know those teachers who are tired of her job and I would love to protect him from that teacher)! To ensure his love of learning continues, that he always sees the world with those excited and eager eyes ready to learn.  That he would not lose his wonder at sunshine, spiders, leaves, and snow.  I long to know his childhood will be happy and full of wonder.

And then as I send him to college, I hope he will have the skills to be independent, to recognize wise choices, to be ready to have a good time with others while being safe.  I long to know he will find a good group of friends, a good support group full of professors, community members, and fellow students.

And his girlfriend, that one who will become his wife. I long to know that she will love him, truly love him.  That she will know him, truly know him.  Know his fears.  Know his likes.  Be able to finish his sentence.  And oh how I pray she wants to be a part of our family not just take him to hers.  I want to know her.  To shop with her.  To call and talk with her.  To be her friend to, after all she is my sons best friend.

And so as I say all these goodbyes, I pray for the hellos.  I know there will be heartache and hurts.  And I pray through them all my son will become stronger and more loving.  Not angry and vengeful.  I pray he will always knows he has a home here in His Mom’s arms.

And as I begin these painful goodbyes to my son, I have a baby girl that I am saying goodbye to all these milestones as well.

My Prayer for my children is that they will grow into beautiful and strong individuals.  That in the words of Psalm 144:12:

“May our sons flourish in their youth like well-nurtured plants. May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace.”


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