Birthday Presents for a One Year Old

After the baby shower (usually a little over a year after) it will be time for a first birthday party.  The question of what to get a one year old is a difficult one, but here are some suggestions.

A board book – there are lots of great books.  Choose one or several.  Board books are great for a one year old because the child can learn to turn pages and handle the book without ripping the pages as board book pages are thick and sturdy.

A walker – this is a great toy for the soon to be or emerging walker.

A shape sorter – this is a great toy that lasts for a few years.  At right around a year both of my kids have liked putting objects in baskets and taking them out.  These objects are a great size for that.  When they are a little older, I put the lid on and it is a whole new toy as they have to match the block to the shape on the lid.

An activity block – Great new toy with lots to do.  These really are hours of fun!

Stacking cups – great toys that encourage exploration!

Begin Again Blocks – Great toy to work on dexterity, stacking, and puzzles

Play Kitchen – open doors and put things on the stove.  This toy is a favorite for a one year old and continues to be a beloved toy for years to come.

What did your one year old love?


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