Dear Mom of Not so Littles … (What I want to tell you in return)

I just read this post and I have seen so many like it!  I have read this blog since before I was married and have appreciated the knowledge of financial planning / how to find a good deal I have gained (it has helped put my husband through school!).

But this is what I want to say to the Mom of the not so littles.

1. You know we feel alone.  You know we feel overwhelmed.  Why not invite us over for the afternoon.  Or take my littles for the morning.  Or send me a note just because saying you are praying for me.  SHOW ME, I am not alone!  Share with me YOUR failures! Share with me what worked for you!  Give me advice.  Don’t just tell me I am not alone!

2. NO we can’t do it and neither did you.  Not what everyone on Pinterest and on Facebook and on blogs make it look like we can.  So please be honest.  Show me how you didn’t get a hot dinner on the table.  Show me how there was no milk at your house this morning because, well there wasn’t.  Sometimes I look at your pinterest and Blogs and think everyone else has it all together.  Show me that you don’t have this picture perfect world developed (or at least you didn’t when you were getting up several times at night).

3. That light at the end of the tunnel is what scares me!  That means my littles won’t be so little anymore.  That means I won’t have a baby to snuggle.  That means I won’t have a toddler learning to talk and express himself.  AND I AM AFRAID I WILL HAVE MISSED IT ALL BECAUSE I WAS TOO TIRED!  And it is really hard not to beat myself up about it when I get “the look” from you when you hear my baby isn’t sleeping through the night or doesn’t eat what you think he should or I only nursed for X numbers of month (or at all).

Seriously!  Remember, I am tired.  When I am tired I am extra emotional.  And all these fears and worries, and feelings that you are judging me are there! Please don’t judge, encourage where I am in the midst of the tired emotional life!

And give me tips on what worked for you to get your body together, to feel confident in your new skin, to get energy, to get me time!  I was so thankful when a friend did just that (and not in a judgy you need to lose some weight way).  But when I was telling her how I felt and how she got through it commiserating with me and sharing how she got her body back.

4. Again if I don’t have to do it perfectly would you show me you don’t!  Show me your mistakes!  Show me how you don’t have your life together! Show me on your Facebook page and on your Blog!

5. I Know I am going to work myself out of a job and it SCARES ME!  Telling me that causes more panic in this sleep depraved Mom!  Help me understand how to make the most of these few precious moments and years when I am so sleep deprived.  What can I do to not just survive waiting for that time but to thrive and love these years!

I know “Children are a gift from God.”  Some days it is hard to see that!  But I want to live each day with my precious gifts with love and understanding even as I am tired.  Please write me THAT letter!


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