10 Gift Ideas for Second Babies

When I was having my second baby people were always asking me what I needed or wanted.  I had all the big stuff but having been there and done that here are my thoughts.

1. A double stroller.  My kids were 20 months apart so I needed one for walks and trips to the park and going around the zoo.  I LOVE this city mini.  It turns easily.  It folds so quickly.  It is lightweight so I can put it in and out of the car without a problem.

2. Diapers and wipes – can’t have too many!

3. A subscription to Amazon Mom.  Watch streaming content (perfect for late night feedings) and discounts on diapers!

4. A Mutu membership.  You would have to know the mom well to know if she would like this.  But for me and my recovery this was the best thing ever!  I would not have been offended if someone had given this to me (after all EVERYONE has a mummy tummy… well almost)!

5. Meals!  A hot dinner!  An egg casserole.  Some muffins.  A big fruit salad!  Anything to feed the mom and the rest of the family and give a little break.

6. Gift certificate for family portraits.

7. Keep a scrapbook of the babies first year for her!  You keep the scrapbook.  Talk to her regularly.  Follow her Facebook updates.  And fill up that baby book for her (seriously how many second kids get one?).

8. Take the older kid for an afternoon, a day, or a weekend.  Depending on the age you could do lots of different things but many moms will appreciate a few hours with just the baby.

9. New burp cloths, pacifiers, or swaddle blankets.  I know those things were not items I was going to be able to reuse.  My first spit up tons and it was just time for new ones.  Items like these are indispensable to life with baby and new ones would be much appreciated!

10. A quiet activity for the big sibling like puzzles or blocks or legos or a train set.

What other items did you want as a mom to be the second time around?


4 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas for Second Babies

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