Working Moms Have a Tough Job

Mommy wars where women tear each other apart for their choices are everywhere.

I became a stay at home mom this past March 19.  On March 18 I taught 23 first graders.  Then I went in for a non stress test and my OB came in to say I was staying to deliver a baby.  Before my first graders were even awake to go to school again I had retired to stay home with my two children.

Before that I had been a working mom for a year and a half.  Only a year and a half.  But that year in a half was the most exhausting of my life.  Day in and day out I had to get up, get myself ready to go, wake my kid up, get him ready for the day, get him in the car, drive him to the sitter, drive to work, work all day, go and pick him up (unless the hubby was doing pick up), go home, cook dinner, feed everyone dinner, put the kid to bed, do laundry or cleaning, and fall into bed to do it the next morning.  Now obviously my husband was helping with these things but it seemed that every minute of my day was planned.

As a stay at home mom I still end the day exhausted.  I am taking care of two kids, cleaning, cooking, and playing.  But the exhaustion is not the same.

I also feel much more at peace.  I am not constantly feeling guilty that I haven’t read to my kid or played with him or that the only time I see him is as I feed him and put him in bed.

So if you are a working Mom, my heart goes out to you as you have the toughest job!

If you are preparing to be a working Mom I would love to share with you some tips that helped keep me sane and helped make sure we ate, had clean socks, and our home wasn’t filthy.

And if you are a stay at home mom, let us remember everyday how blessed we are to be in the position that we can stay home during these precious years even in the business of everyday!


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