Cutting my cell Phone bill in half (+more)

Part of the Mutu life is being a parent.  Part of being a parent it seems is trying to make your pennies stretch to cover all the new expenses of life.

Our first baby was very unexpected.  I was having weird symptoms and thought something was wrong with me.  Several people suggested I was pregnant and I laughed it off because that wasn’t possible.  Then I finally to rule it out bought a test and saw two lines.

My husband was in school and my salary barely covered our needs.  I have always been frugal but I realized we needed to cut our bills down by at least $200 a month.  We already didn’t eat out often or buy coffee so the obvious things weren’t there to cut out.  So I began looking.  The first big savings I found was with Ting.

Ting is a cell phone company that uses the Sprint network.  I quickly realized many reasons I thought they were the best company.

1. I called customer service and a person answered the phone.  That person was able to quickly answer my question.  I couldn’t remember the last time I called anywhere to ask a question and didn’t have to punch a bunch of numbers and wait on hold to talk to someone.  Customer service was and continues to be top notch.

2. I received my first bill.  For our two phones we were less than $30 total for the month.  That cut $70 from our monthly budget and we hadn’t lost any convenience!  That is my type of savings!

3. We have family out of the country.  Ting’s international rates are some of the best out there.  We have used several different services to call inexpensively but now we just use our cell phone and it goes right onto that bill (and is still usually right around $30).

4. We can vary our usage by month without breaking the bank.  We can truly customize the plan for us and for our varying needs each month.  We can talk a lot one month, a little the next and only pay for what we use.

5. I don’t have to bother buying some scratch off card to get my minutes or remembering to load something onto my phone.  I pay a bill just like I do with a regular cell phone (but it is a lot smaller).

I LOVE our Ting plan!  If you think that is right for you, use my Ting link for a $25 credit towards a phone or your first bill!


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