Your Heart Melted

My love story began online.  After our first meeting I couldn’t wait to see him again.  A few days later I was getting together with some friends near his work nd asked if he would like to join us.  He jumped at the opportunity (a good sign 🙂 ).

I went with my roommate and her fiancee and another friend.  My roommate and fiancee already knew about the new guy I had met but my friend did not.  I had just told her I had invited a friend.  I don’t think I had told her it was a guy.  Needless to say she was surprised.  When we joined the rest of the group, everyone seemed very interested in my guest.  Who was he?  Where did I meet him?  Were we dating?

Well what do you say?  I just met him.  Um we met online (now everyone thinks I’m desperate and there must be something wrong with him).  So I was vague.  How to answer the how we met became a reoccurring theme of our story.  One we hate to answer before people know us but one we think is important to answer honestly so people realize it is a viable option for a healthy and happy relationship!

Well we were picnicking outside and it began to rain.  So the group quickly discussed a plan and decide to pile into cars and go somewhere nearby for ice cream.  And while eating ice cream, my heart melted.

We all got our ice cream and huddled around tables.  we were sitting near some friends who had two young boys.  This guy who I had just met started talking to these little boys and playing with them.  Pretty soon they were sitting on his lap, laughing and talking like best friends.  I have always loved children and watching him show love to children so easily and naturally was wonderful.

After our ice cream the rain had subsided so my little group walked back to our car (a mile away).  I held back a little and so did he and we started talking.  As we got closer to the car his arm went around me and he told me in no uncertain terms he wanted to see me again.

After saying our goodbyes I got into the car to hear my friend teasing me about how I was meeting a “friend” and wondering how long we had been dating (“this is the second time we have seen each other” was an answer she wouldn’t believe) and my friends fiancee saying “Your heart melted tonight”.  He was right and I was in love!


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