Why I love Mutu

I was asked by a friend recently why I love Mutu so much.  I am not a fad person.  I don’t generally push things on people and laugh at those who do saying that what they are pushing will solve all my problems (usually this is when someone is trying to push some supplement that has no scientific data behind it).

Well this is why I love Mutu!

1. After having my second baby I felt weak.  Sitting straight up was impossible.  I couldn’t do any workout.  Taking my almost two year old to the park was overwhelmingly difficult.  When I walked I could stand straight up.  I just felt like I was constantly slumping.  I just felt weak.  This was the state I was in when I was introduced to Mutu.  I did the first workout.  And it wasn’t very hard.  But within two weeks I began to notice changes in my body.  I was getting stronger in all the right places.  I could stand correctly.  I could walk.  I could play with my little boy.  I felt more like myself.

2. My whole life I have heard women joke about how they wet themselves or pee their pants when jumping or always wear a pantyliner just in case.  What I had always heard was to just do kegals.  Well after my first I did my kegals.  But it didn’t seem to help much.  I would get a cold and cough and wet myself.  I would jump and laugh and need to change my underwear.  I was becoming one of those women who always needed a pantyliner just in case.  About 8 weeks after starting I had my first cold and I was shocked when I didn’t have to change my underwear at all, ever.  A few weeks of exercise did something a year and a half of kegals (the best advice anyone seemed to have) couldn’t do.

3. Physical therapists like it and recommend it.  The creator is herself an expert on postpartum exercise and trained in restorative therapy.  She has studied exercise and postpartum body in a way that my OB hasn’t.  My OB is an expert on delivering my body but hasn’t been trained in restoring my postpartum body.  Wendy has been.  When I was looking at beginning Mutu I asked a friend who is a Physical Therapist.  She read the blog and told me it looked like a lot of this was what she would have me do if I came in for private therapy.  After buying the program I talked with her more about it and she was very impressed.  She said that for a healthy person this sounded like the perfect body recovery program to do at home.

4.  It is doable.  With two little ones it is rare for me to have 45 minutes at one time.  The way Mutu is constructed I need 20 minutes 4 times a week, 20 minutes spread throughout my day to do core work (seriously I do an exercise or two every once in awhile throughout my day), and 30 minutes of walking time (around the playground equipment at the park while my kid plays, around my house while my kids eat, or with my husband while we talk about our days in the evening).  It fits into my mommy schedule!

5. It works!  My body changed!  It became stronger.  It became leaner.  Problem areas that I have always had diminished.

So I love it because I have personal experience that it works and experts endorse it.

If you are ready to lose your mummy tummy by using a program that fits into your schedule that exercise experts who understand a postpartum body endorse, I think Mutu might be a good option for you!


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