Supplements, Supplements, Supplements

Everyone I know is on some type of meal supplement.  They drink a shake instead of eating breakfast.  They drink a quick supplement for lunch.  And I look them and wonder if this is where we really are in our nutrition.

I see the posts about why it is healthier and they compare the shake to a fast food meal with fries.  And I wonder are those our only options.  I mean given the choice I would say the shake is a better choice.  BUT how about a big salad with several different types of lettuce and other greens and some baked chicken.  Or how about a bowl of fruit with a chickpea salad.  Or how about making our own smoothie with berries, bananas, kale, spinach or whatever else you might put in.

I am all for great food choices but since when did some chemical supplement fall into that category.  Let’s drop those supplements and eat REAL food.  And as an added bonus, my guess is we will save money doing it!

So here’s to real food!  What is your favorite, quick, real food meal?


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