When I Miss a Workout

Yesterday I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I went to be early.  My kids didn’t wake up till 7 this morning.  So I didn’t either.  Oh that sleep was obviously needed!  BUT I work out at 6.  So I missed my workout time.  I still don’t feel great.  So what do I do?

Well today I have walked in short spurts around my house.

I have skipped my intensive workout.

I am choosing to eat healthy foods.

I am giving my body some rest.

I am doing stretches to keep my muscles lose (in the past when I have been sick my muscles always start hurting no matter what – stretching seems to help).

AND I am not beating myself up.  Missing an intensive workout is not going to ruin me.  But in the past I acted as though it would.  I would beat myself up and it would turn into me feeling like a failure and missing a day or two would turn into a week or two.  There is no need for that.  As a mom sometimes my kids don’t sleep at night and sleeping a little later is what is needed.  As a woman sometimes my hormones aren’t cooperating (and some days that means a workout will help but some days I need that extra hour of sleep).

I am thankful for the permission that Mutu gives me to take that extra sleep.  To rest when my body needs it.  AND then to come back tomorrow without feeling shame, without feeling as though I am a failure, recognizing that I am in charge of my choices and health even when I miss a workout!


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