10,000 Steps and Our Health

Everyone seems to be wearing a fitness monitor these days.  Everyone seems to have a goal of 10,000 steps.  It all got me wondering where did this 10,000 steps goal originate.  Is there some medical study that shows it helps us live longer or better?

As I read I found out that the original name of pedometers in Japan translated to 10,000 steps meter.  There was no study that this was necessary or optimal instead it was just adopted.

So what should be our goal?  What do studies say.  Here are some things we can do that have a basis in research.

1. Move 10% more.  However much you are walking move 10% more.

2. Move at a moderate pace at least 150 minutes a week.

That’s it.

Now my husband has had a fitness monitor for awhile.  As we are pretty competitive I have decided I need one too so we can compete in our daily movement.  So I am quite confident over the next month or so I will be working to add 10% more steps into my day in order to stay competitive with him!

Do you have a fitness monitor?  What are your daily goals?


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