Whats Shoes Got to Do With It

When you enter the Mutu world one of the first things you are introduced to is the need to wear barefoot shoes.

The basic point is like this, when you wear a heel your body’s alignment is thrown off because you are now standing on an incline and your body has to adjust the way it is standing so you don’t face plant.

Now I was quite intrigued by the barefoot shoes.  Since high school I have had tendinitis at the point where my second toe attaches to my foot.  Every once in awhile it becomes very inflamed and swells.  Sometimes it swells enough it looks like I have a golf ball on the bottom of my foot.  Needless to say it is a little painful.

I have seen podiatrists.  I have been given injections in my toe.  I have had ultrasounds of my toe. I have had orthopedics made for my foot.  And I have been told to wear flats and that I would always have pain.  There was nothing more they could do.

So when Wendy talked about barefoot shoes and the way almost every shoe we wear has a heal, I was intrigued.  I began to research more and I discovered “Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain” by Katy Bowman.  I learned more about my foot, what causes foot pain, what is wrong with the shoe design of so many shoes and exercises and stretches to help strengthen and heal your foot.

That book helped me understand my foot.

I learned that my toes should be able to function individually like fingers which is why this girl can do this.

So the first exercise I have been working on with my toes is trying to get my toes to spread apart.  To lift them off the ground and spread apart.

And I have switched to barefoot shoes with a wide toe box that allows my toes to more freely.

And my foot pain?  Gone!  Doctors after studying my foot and giving me treatment have said nothing could be done.  I switched shoes and started some exercises and my foot pain is gone.  If you have foot pain, I would encourage you to read this wonderful book and perhaps your problem can be solved with some exercises and a new pair of shoes.

Oh… and if you ever want a great place to buy shoes can I recommend Left Lane Sports.  They provide free shipping AND returns on a $75 purchase.  Use my link for a $10 credit!


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