Say NO to Belly Binding!

When I was pregnant I did a lot of research on how to get my tummy back to its pre-pregnancy state.  I asked lots of people.  And of course many people talked of the wonder of belly binding.  One of the big selling points that a lot of people gave me was that people have done it for hundreds of years.

Now I like to know what people are doing but just because people have been doing it forever isn’t a good enough reason for me to do anything.

So I did some more research.

What I learned was there are two areas that are weakened through pregnancy.  The core muscles that surround your belly and back and the pelvic floor muscles that are located primarily “down there”.

While there is some evidence that belly binding may help with some parts of your core muscle weakness, there is no evidence that it helps with the pelvic floor and some that it increases internal pressure in your belly thereby increasing pelvic floor weakness.  In addition while the belly binder does help to bring belly muscles back together, it doesn’t do anything to strengthen core muscles.

So I decided against the belly binder and was sure that just getting back to my normal workout would fix all my problems.

Well, as I already shared,  that wasn’t enough.

I don’t have any experience with what occurs with a belly binder.  I do know that by using Mutu, my core muscles are as strong, possibly stronger, than before pregnancy and my core is restored to original function.  In addition, I have learned so much about my body’s optimal function through this program, things that I wish I had known my whole life!  If you are considering a belly binder, I would encourage you to look into restorative exercise and particularly Mutu System.  Read the blog and subscribe to their posts.  I am sure even if you choose a belly binder you will learn more about your body and how it should function most optimally!


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