Losing Weight, Getting Healthy, Not Starving

Part of the Mutu life is of course eating.  We must eat.  Without eating we will of course starve and well that just isn’t good.

As a nursing mom I have a huge need for food!  I remember talking about how hungry I was when I was pregnant and having friends tell me to just wait till I started nursing.  I thought they were joking.  Then I gave birth.  Oh my goodness!  I ate as soon as I could after giving birth.  Then a few hours later I ate dinner.  Then it was midnight.  I was STARVING!  My poor husband had to get up and go find me food.

Well I have been either pregnant or nursing since November 2011.  So I have eaten a ton.  My husband who has always been known for his appetite has said (privately he isn’t allowed to say such things publicly) that I can have his crown for the ability to eat.

Well as such I was not up for any weight loss plan that included me counting calories or limiting my food intake in any way.  I so appreciate that with <a href=”https://pz138.isrefer.com/go/homepage/rayhe1984/“>Mutu System</a> I don’t have to.  Every meal and every snack everyday I eat as much as I want.  When I am hungry I find food and I eat it.  The difference is the type of food I am eating.

I avoid processed food

I avoid sugar.

I choose whole foods in natural form.

I choose lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.

I eat lots of lean and plant protein with every meal.

I am not starving!  I am losing weight.

Here is today’s lunch.

imageThink this might keep me full for a few hours?

I also have found some great ways to put peanut butter and chocolate in my diet or chocolate with coconut or …. well you know some good things.  Would you like to see some of these ideas?  Stay tuned!

What is your view of dieting and weight loss?


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