Why You’re Not Losing Your Baby Weight

I just finished reading this article on the subject from Fit Pregnancy.  Not because I am not losing my baby weight (I lost all but 5 pounds in the first 8 months – and my guess are those last 5 pounds aren’t going anywhere till after I am finished with breastfeeding) but because the headline caught my eye.

As I was reading I was thinking back to my postpartum time after my first and after my second and what a difference the <a href=”https://pz138.isrefer.com/go/homepage/rayhe1984/“>Mutu System</a> has made in my postpartum weight loss, body recovery, and encouragement.

One of the biggest things that struck me was the lack of sleep being a problem for weight loss.  Now I have ALWAYS loved my sleep.  My mom says I would put myself down for a nap or put myself to bed early if I was tired starting at about 2 years old (now why don’t my kids do that?).  I think I had heard of this phenomena a few times but in the first video of the program Wendy talks about our need for sleep and explains from a hormonal perspective why weight loss won’t occur if we are tired.

The second thing that struck me was the need to find an appropriate postpartum workout.  I always assumed I could just get back into my previous running and walking and had some DVD workouts (including my husbands P90X) that I thought I could do at home if I couldn’t get out.  Well that didn’t quite work.  Doing these my muscles just felt wrong.  But what I didn’t want was an “easy” workout.  That is a huge reason I was excited to find Mutu!  Mutu is not easy (well the first 2 weeks are but they are the foundation for the program as these easy exercises help heal your core and prepare it for intensive work).  Having a workout program specifically designed for someone like me has been so huge in my weight loss and body recovery.

Third the Company we keep.  One of the biggest benefits of being a Mutu Mama is membership in a Mutu Mama Facebook page.  Once you buy the program you can ask to join!  This group discusses alignment, fitness, how to do certain exercises, shares healthy recipes, and generally gives encouragement and advice.  Wendy Powell the creator of Mutu comes in and answers questions and chats about things too!  That groups encouragement helps keep me on track!

And finally the last two points, patience and food, are woven into the program throughout.  Make smart choices with your food.  Eat low fat protein.  Eat LOTS of fruit and veggies.  Eat seeds and nuts.  It comes with a great list of foods to try and substitutions to make (and that Facebook group often has some good suggestions).  and that goes right into patience.  Giving your incredible body a chance to recover is aided so much by other women who are right there with you (or have been there).

I just love reading articles like this about how Mutu is exactly the right program for me (and perhaps for you too)!


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