Those Winter Blues

I don’t know about you but in the winter exercise seems so much more difficult.  In the summer I am outside and active so much more naturally.

We go for a walk.

We play at the park.

We go swimming.

You know we are outdoors.

But about this time every year I begin to go nuts.  I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE!  This year I think there have been 2 days where I live where it has been warm enough (for me – everyone has different levels), and it hasn’t been rainy (seriously why does it have to rain on warmer days – cold rain = I’m not going out!).

One thing I have learned since starting Mutu is about the importance of a daily walk for proper alignment and optimal body function.  A goal of the mutu life is to walk for at least 30 minutes a day.  So what to do when I don’t go anywhere.

Here’s what I have been doing to beat those winter Blues and get some steps in.

1. Go out whenever possible (I have gone out for short walks even on days when it is colder than I like).

2. Go to a big box store or a mall and get some laps in.

3. Watch a walk at home video on youtube (well I don’t just watch it, I do it).

4. Walk laps around my home.  Seriously my home walking lap isn’t that long.  How long is it you ask?  28 steps!  How do I know this?  Well today I walked those 28 steps 120 times.  (That makes 3360 steps for all of you wondering).

5. Pray for spring!  Pray that it comes soon!  Pray that that Groundhog who predicted 6 more weeks of winter is WRONG!

How are you surviving winter and getting your workout on?


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