My New Restorative Exercise

I am quite excited about my new exercise this week.  I can feel so many muscles through my hips, core, and pelvic floor working as I do this.  I am confident that this is helping my body return to optimal function.

What is this Exercise?

I am so glad you asked!

It is called standing.

Yes that’s right my new exercise is standing.

Now before you all laugh me out of town let me explain.

Pregnancy threw my body out of alignment and my goal in exercise is to return my body to proper alignment and therefore optimal function.  Now I have learned that since giving birth I have began tucking my butt underneath my pelvic (something that is common to do while pregnant in order to support your ever growing body).  However while watching a video I realized that I was also rotating my hips inward which was causing my knees and hips to be out of alignment.

Want to see if you might have a similar problem and also need to practice standing.  Try watching this video.  This video is by a woman named Katy Bowman.  You can’t be in the Mutu world very long before hearing her name.  She has greatly influenced the exercises and philosophy in Mutu!  She is a great resource on a Mutu journey!

Hope that gives you something to think about and you don’t think I am crazy for my new exercise!


One thought on “My New Restorative Exercise

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