Why do I Need a Mommy Workout

Before I was pregnant I just assumed after I gave birth I could go back to the same workout routine I had had before pregnancy (especially since I was doing similar ones during pregnancy).  Then I gave birth.  And let me just say after my six week appointment when I was cleared to resume normal activities, I was ready.  And then I tried my first post pregnancy workout and I discovered 2 things.

1.  My muscles did not function the same way.

2. My baby didn’t give me an hour to workout the way I used to.

When my friend first told me about Mutu one of the things that appealed to me was that there was core work that could be done throughout the day, encouragement to walk daily, and intensive workouts that were 20 minutes that I was to do 4 times a week.  THAT seemed doable.  But I couldn’t quite believe it was enough.  Well after my experience with the core working so quickly I was definitely game to try.

The intensive interval workout is gaining a huge following in the fitness world and I quickly began to see why. Within 6 weeks I had lost 12 pounds and 4 inches from my hips and waist.  I was hooked.  This interval training was just what I needed.

Now as to this being a “mommy workout” it is.  BECAUSE MOMMY’s ARE STRONG!  One of my favorite memories of this program is watching my sister (who runs 30 miles a week), a friend (who works out with her police officer boyfriend), and my husband (exercise fanatic / P90X aficionado) try one of the intensive workouts.  They had been laughing that I had to get a “mommy exercise program” so I challenged them to do it.  They thought the warm-up was the workout and were shocked when 5 minutes in Wendy said “workout round 1”.

“What was all that”

“I thought we had already started”

I sat on the couch and laughed gleefully.

So yes it is a mommy workout because it is designed to restrengthen and realign a mommy’s body but those intensives are not easy.  But if you want a program that works and can fit into your daily life, check out Mutu!


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