About Me

I thought I should probably introduce myself.

When I first go to introduce myself I naturally start by saying I am an elementary school teacher. However, that part of my life ended (or took a break) this past March when after teaching a full day of first grade I went to the hospital and delivered our second baby at 4 the next morning.

So now I am a stay at home mom of two.  I love to cook and bake.  I enjoy reading a good book, crocheting, sewing, and swimming.

Our two year old little boy loves life.  He loves to imitate whatever someone around is doing.  If I am baking, he wants to bake. If someone laughs he laughs.  And a little embarrassing when out in public, if someone coughs he coughs (it almost seems like he is mocking but really he just imitates whatever he hears and sees).  It is pretty funny to see what we are doing through his eyes.  I will have to get some pictures and videos of him doing my exercises :).

Our baby is 10 months (seriously she was born yesterday though!).  She LOVES her brother.  Her face lights up when he comes into the room.  She loves to eat bananas and apple slices.  But her favorite thing to eat is lentils.  Yes lentils cooked just the way I cook them for everyone else, spice and all.

My husband just graduated with two postgraduate degrees and is in the middle of his first year of a four year training / research program.

As part of the program we are moving in June to a new state.  As a result we put our home here on the market and sold it December 10.  So we became homeless.  Thankfully my mom had plenty of space in her home and took pity on us (or perhaps saw the opportunity to have grand kids living with her :)) and took us in.  So we are living with her as well as two of my brothers right now.  I think my kids may be loving this living situation more than anyone!

Well there is a little bit about us!  Can’t wait to get to know you more!


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