PostPartum Surprises

I have been reading a lot of blog posts about postpartum surprises.  Things that occur with ones body that no one warns us about.

Well here are some things that shocked me.  Some of them I have learned are solvable.  And some just are not.

1. My breasts were huge.  Now most people (perhaps including my husband) might not see this as an issue but all of a sudden NONE of my shirts fit.  Seriously I looked like a porn star or someone from the 1980’s with my tummy hanging out.  No good – but who has time or money to go find new shirts with a newborn.

2. My body was so weak.  Seriously I didn’t feel like I could hold myself upright and I just slouched when I nursed because, well, I didn’t have the strength for anything else.

3.  When I coughed I had to get new panties ASAP… gross

After my second child I knew I had to do something.  So I started looking around at women who had been pregnant and looked strong and healthy.  Soon my eyes fell on a friend who after three children looked better  than she had in high school.  In high school she was always lean and beautiful, one of those girls you were jealous of.  But now she was not only lean she looked strong and vibrant.  I had to know the secret.

She began to tell me about an exercise system based on restorative exercises.  The philosophy was to restore the body gently by using muscles as intended rather than simply exercising until you can’t walk anymore.  I was intrigued and she looked AMAZING.  So after doing some research, I bought the program.  I am going to share some of my experiences, recipes, and successes (as well as mistakes) that I have had with this program.  I will also share with you some great restorative exercises and unashamedly plug Mutu as a great restorative program for your postpartum body (as well as a great program for you while pregnant – though I haven’t used it for that yet.).  Come with me as we explore postpartum exercise and the world of the mummy tummy!


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